Our gym rules are simple and must be followed for our program to work.  Failure to follow these rules may result in your child not being allowed to participate in Crofton Basketball.  Repeated rule issues may result in Crofton Basketball being kicked out of certain school gyms.

RULES (please read the rules below carefully and remind your child of them):

  • Please assist our volunteers with manning the door at Crofton Middle.  When the bell rings, please check the door and let in any incoming players/parents.
  • Our volunteers & parents are responsible for letting people in, not the school staff
  • No flavored drinks at all in ANY gym (this includes coffee, gatorade, soda, etc.) for players, coaches and spectators
  • No water in the Crofton Middle or Nantucket gym (leave in the hallways near the door).  There are water fountains at all gyms which are available and more convenient.
  • No ball bouncing or horseplay in the hallway.  Please assist volunteers by a) letting your child know this rule and b) alerting anybody not following the rule that they should stop.  This has been a big issue for schools in the past.
  • No unattended children in the hallway.  Also, no non-players (brothers, sisters, friends, etc.) should be left at the gyms without a parent or guardian.  Our volunteers are there to coach the players on their team.
  • No one under 13 answering the door
  • No propping the door open
  • No players in the gym without an adult
  • Make sure all players have left the school before exiting the gym/building (and closing the door behind you)
  • Gyms should be left as they were when you arrived.  Do not mark up the floors, walls, etc.  Additionally, do not pull up tape that is already on the floors, pull down posters or erase/alter white boards.