County Basketball

Registration for Winter County Basketball will be open from 01-30 Sept. To register, log on to your family account at

(Winter County League, ages 8-17)
(Spring County League, ages 8-14)

Registration Information
Registration Fee – $130
Winter Registration Open From Sept 1st through Sept 30th
Spring Registration Open From mid-Jan through mid-Feb (see email for details)

Registration for County Basketball will be open from 01-30 Sept. To Register, log on to your family account at

Important Note regarding registration: Registrations will NOT be accepted at the tryout/ placement sessions. Anyone wishing to participate MUST complete the registration process PRIOR to the closing dates. Completing the registration process includes paying the family and sport fee, and also resolving ALL other outstanding registration and/or financial issues with the registrar. If you have trouble registering, please contact [email protected].

Anyone trying out for County basketball, including those who also intend to tryout for their High School team, must have completed and paid their registration prior to the September 30 closing date. All those who do not make a County team will have their registration fees placed in the Intramural program. .

PLEASE NOTE: CAC Basketball will NOT have intramural competition at the 15 year old level and above. CAC will field MULTIPLE 13, 14/15, and 16/17 year old County teams at various skill levels. All 15 year-olds (and older) as of September 1, who register by the September 30 deadline, will be placed on a County team, based on space available. IMPORTANT– ALL players 13 and older need to register for COUNTY Basketball prior to the September 30 closing date!

Program Description:  County basketball is available for boys & girls ages 8-17. These teams play in the Anne Arundel County basketball leagues. Each team is single age group and will be placed in an A, B, or C division depending on the competitiveness of the team. Participation is determined by tryouts which are held during October. Teams will be formed and start practice in November. Games start in December and continue through February. The number of teams at each group can vary from year to year depending on the number of players trying out, the talent level of the players, and gym availability. More information on the tryout process is below.

Those not selected for a county team are automatically placed in the Intramural program. The County Basketball program is more competitive than Intramural. Playing time is a minimum is based on Anne Arundel County rules. Games will take place throughout Anne Arundel County and a team will play at the same gym each week.

Practices – Two practices weeknights to be determined by coach.

Games – Saturdays or Sundays anytime from 9AM to 5PM to be determined by Anne Arundel county Parks and Rec.

Age Eligibility:  Player’s age eligibility is determined by the player’s age before September 1 of the current school year. This date is used by Anne Arundel County for determining eligibility for participation in County competition. Players may apply to “play up” one age level (based on player’s ability, AND space availability in that age group, as determined by the commissioner and the age group coordinator), but may NOT “play down” an age level. Please contact basketball@croftonsports to request “play up” consideration in advance of placement sessions. Players must be at LEAST 8 years of age before September 1 of the current school year in order to play county basketball.

Playing up in County:  County leagues are competitive, so Crofton will want to have the most competitive team at each age level. Therefore, when weighing a request from a participant to “play up” the following factors will be reviewed:

  1. Space available in the league after all registrations received-we will NOT have more than 10 players per team due to playing time issues.
  2. Ability level-all players applying to “play up” should attend an evaluation session for the older age group as well as one for their actual age group. The evaluators in conjunction with the Commissioner will determine if the player’s ability is at the top of the level of the older group.
  3. Age/grade level shall be the final determinant if ability levels are judged to be sufficient and comparable – i.e., the older of two players of comparable ability shall be shown preference.
  4. All decisions shall be made by the age group evaluators in conjunction with the Basketball Commissioner.

Procedures for Tryouts and Placements:

At least two tryout sessions will be held for each age group. If an additional session is held, there will be a list of players invited back for these sessions. All players not selected for a county team will have their registration placed into the Intramural pool.  All hopefuls MUST participate in at least one of the first two (initial) sessions in order to be considered, and are encouraged to attend both. All who are selected to continue after the first cut MUST attend subsequent sessions in order to be guaranteed further consideration for placement on a county team. If a scheduling conflict exists which prevents a participant from attending as required, an exemption must be requested prior to the start of the tryout process. Due to the large number of participants, exemptions are granted only in extreme cases. This is to ensure fairness to those who do attend as scheduled. Contact [email protected] if there is an unavoidable conflict, to request an exemption.