Intramural Basketball

Winter Intramural Basketball
(In Crofton league, ages 5-14)

Registration Information:

Registration for Intramural Basketball will be open from 01-31 October. 
Clinic (age 5 and 6) Registration Fee – $95
Intramural (age 7-14) Registration Fee – $130
Registration Open From Oct 1st through Oct 31st

To register, log on to your family account at

Important note-We will NOT be accepting registration at the placement sessions. In order to participate in Intramural or clinic basketball, child’s registration must be complete and paid by the October 31st closing date. Completing the registration process includes paying the family and sport fees.

Clinic often fills up quickly, PLEASE register on time. We plan to offer separate boys and girls teams in clinic as long as there are enough girls registered.

Program Description:
Link to intramural and clinic rules.

Clinic (age 5 and 6) programs are for boys and girls. If the enrollment permits, we will have separate boys and girls leagues, otherwise it will be a coed program. Clinic basketball is instructional, not competitive; therefore, no placement sessions are held for Clinic. Teams are formed randomly, and players will be contacted by late November or early December. skill development in a fun setting is emphasized. Practices and games will be held on Sundays. The first couple weeks of the season will be practice only and then games will be played for the remainder of the season. The season starts in December and continues through the end of February.

Intramural (House) Basketball (ages 7-14) emphasizes skill development, with competition, and equal participation (each player plays at least ½ per game). Games and practices held in Crofton. Special playing rules apply at each age level (see rules posted above). The season starts in December and continues through the end of February.

Practices – One per week on Saturdays. 

Games – Sunday at local Crofton gyms. There may be some games on Saturdays for the older age groups.

Age Eligibility:
Player’s age eligibility is determined by the player’s age before September 1 of the current school year. This date is used by Anne Arundel County for determining eligibility for participation in County competition, and the CAC will use it for the purpose of determining placement in the CAC intramural and clinic programs as well. Intramural players may apply to “play up” one age level (based on player’s ability, AND space availability in that age group, as determined by the commissioner and the age group coordinator), but may NOT “play down” an age level unless the player demonstrates that special needs exist, please contact [email protected] to request special placement consideration in advance of placement sessions. Please see below for other criteria to “play up”. Players must be at LEAST 7 years of age before September 1 of the current school year in order to play intramural basketball. We DO NOT allow 5/6 year olds to play “up” in intramural, they may only participate in clinic. Also, children that turn 5 after September 1 are not eligible to play clinic, no exceptions.

Age and grade level as of September 1 determines placement. Intramural players age 7 or older may apply to “play up” one age level (based on player’s ability, AND space availability in that age group, as determined by the intramural commissioner and the age group coordinator), but may NOT “play down” an age level unless the player demonstrates that special needs exist. Please contact [email protected] to request special placement consideration in advance of placement sessions.

Playing up in Intramural:
The first priority for our Intramural program is to furnish fair and balanced competition in our leagues, and to run leagues that are both fun and physically challenging for all the kids involved. Therefore, as in all athletics, our leagues are built around players’ ages, and then we attempt to create teams within the leagues to balance the abilities of the participants of each league. Therefore, when weighing a request from a participant to “play up”
the following factors will be reviewed:

1- Space available in the league after all registrations received-we will NOT have more than 10 players per team and due to space constraints, we cannot create additional, smaller teams simply to honor placement requests.

2- Ability level-all players applying to “play up” should attend an evaluation session for the older age group as well as one for their actual age group. The Age Group Coordinator in conjunction with the Intramural Commissioner will determine if the player’s ability level is on a level which is comparable to the mean level of the older group. Players who are determined to have insufficient physical maturity/ skill/athleticism to compete with the
players of mean ability level within the older group shall not be permitted to play above their age and/or grade level.

3- Comparative ability levels of those wishing to “play up” – if there are more players wishing to “play up” than spaces available, the Age Group Coordinator in conjunction with the Intramural Commissioner will utilize evaluation ratings to determine which children will be placed in the older league, based on ability.

4- Age/grade level shall be the final determinant if ability levels are judged to be sufficient and comparable – i.e., the older of two players of comparable ability shall be shown preference.

5- All decisions shall be made by the age group Coordinator in conjunction with the Intramural Basketball Commissioner.

Procedures for Evaluations:

Clinic – No tryouts-see program description above.

Intramural – In order to provide balanced competition in the intramural leagues, evaluations will be held, for players age 7-14, in November for the purpose of determining team makeup. All players registered are requested to attend ONLY one of the two evaluation sessions. We will attempt (but not guarantee) to honor placement requests. However, team parity and balanced competition is the main priority in placements. Placement requests made by those who attend a placement session are given first priority. NOTE–If you attend County tryouts but are not selected for a County team, PLEASE attend an Intramural evaluation session.